Wort Pre-Cooler

Wort pre-cooling to increase the wort quality and as an important element for special hop aromas


Wort Quality

  • Reduced reproduction of free DMS
  • Lower TBZ values
  • Improvement of the ageing stability of the finished beers

Hop aroma

  • More intense hop aroma
  • Reduced post-isomerisation
  • More fruity hop aromas with less bitterness

Design & operational safety

  • Design enables good venting and emptying without losses and minimal mixing phases during discharge
  • Blockage-proof tube bundle heat exchangers with large free cross-section -  particles up to 5 mm unproblematic
  • Own CIP circuit for perfect cleaning and constantly high heat transfer
  • Heat exchanger surfaces easily visible and accessible for inspection
  • Consistent Hygienic Design
  • Long-life construction guarantees a service life of at least 25,000 thermal cycles.

Energy Efficient

  • The high heat transfer efficiency provides hot water temperatures only a few degrees lower than the wort outlet temperature. This produces energetically valuable hot water without affecting the hot water balance.





The wort pre-cooler is integrated into the knockout pipe in front of the whirlpool. The wort is cooled down by 10 - 15 K.



Low TBZ - High flavour stability

The pre-cooling of the wort during beating significantly reduces the thermal load on the wort during the necessary rest in the whirlpool. The effects can be seen above all in the reduced formation of ageing-relevant extender aldehydes, which has a positive influence on flavour stability.

Lower DMS values

At the same time, the replication of undesired free DMS from DMS-P (SMM) is reduced, which can no longer be effectively stripped out during whirlpool rest due to lack of evaporation. By pre-cooling the wort, an important contribution to the desired low DMS values in the finished beer can thus be achieved.

Increased hop aroma

Particularly in the case of late hop addition directly into the whirlpool, known as late-hopping, wort pre-cooling makes a major contribution to a balanced and rounded hop aroma in the finished beer due to the reduced evaporation and isomerisation processes.

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