Wort Boiling - Internal



Highly flexible wort boiling system for optimal wort quality and lowest energy costs



High Wort Quality

  • Improved head retention due to minimized thermal stress and gentle heating
  • Efficient evaporation of DMS
  • Improved beer shelf life


  • High flexibility in batch size and brewing partial batches since wort level can be lower than the top of the heating pipes
  • Boiling process can be customized to beer style


  • Low evaporation rate of 2.5 to 4% means high energy efficiency and minimized energy costs
  • Up to 30 batches without cleaning: low CIP costs


SmartBoil calandria wort boiling internal boiler Banke process solutions

The center pipe in SmartBoil allows for controlled flow at all stages in the boiling process. There is no overheating, not even when heating or brewing partial batches.




  • Hot wort is pumped downwards, out of the calandria through the center pipe
  • Cooler wort is pulled upwards through the heating pipes evenly without pulsation and is gently heated


Controlled Flow

  • Gentle heating
  • Low thermal stress on the wort
  • Low TBI values and stabile beer foam
SmartBoil wort boiling heating up calandria internal wortboiler Banke process solutions



  • Once reaching boiling temperatures, the wort circulates naturally through the SmartBoil due to the thermo-syphon effect
  • Boiling-off DMS is very energy efficient due to the phase-optimized boiling process. High volatile reduction is achieved with low energy usage
  • The SmartBoil is perfectly designed in every size to maximize wort flow at even the lowest heating temperatures. This guarantees gentle boiling and energy efficient evaporation. This ensures gentle boiling and energy-saving wort boiling


Phase-Optimized Wort Boiling

  • Efficient stripping of volatiles with low evaporation
  • More energy savings
SmartBoil wort boiling calandria Banke process solutions thermo syphon principle

Boiling Small Batches

  • Wort is pumped into the SmartBoil through the center pipe
  • The distribution plate dispenses the wort evenly over all of the heating pipes where it falls over the heating area as a thin film
  • Falling thin film is gently heated and boiled

Perfect boiling system for small batches


Gentle heating while filling boil kettle is possible, reducing peak steam requirements

SmartBoiling wort boiling flexible wort boiling system Banke process solutions calandria falling film heat transfer

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