Wort Boiling - External

SmartBoil Ex


The perfect wort boiling system using hot water and low temperature heating



  • Gentle, precise heating and nearly any batch size possible thanks to pumping
  • Ideal for low temperature technology renewable energy heating systems and vapor compression
  • Easy to retrofit to an existing system
  • Best energy efficiency: Evaporation rates of lower than 4%
  • Low thermal stress on the wort: better wort quality, better foam, and improvement in shelf life
  • Short downtime and low CIP costs: over 50 brews without CIP cleaning



The wort boiling process is based on the same proven SmartBoil internal wort boiling system technology.


Internal boiler systems require a minimum heating-fluid temperature for optimal boiling. If a low-temperature heating system is used, this minimum heating-fluid temperature is not possible, making the SmartBoil Ex the ideal wort boiling system. The wort is precisely and gently heated as it is pumped through the external heat exchanger.


The heating surfaces are designed using specialized software for minimal CIP downtime. Over 50 brews between CIP cleanings are possible.


Depending on available space, the heat exchanger can be installed horizontally or vertically to save space.


The use of cone hops in the boil can also be implemented into the design. The combination as a mash-heater is also possible, making the SmartBoil EX especially interesting for wort and mash kettle modernizations.



  • Wort is pulled out of the bottom of the kettle and is pumped through the external boiler.
  • Until the wort reaches boiling temperatures, it is heated extremely gently under atmospheric pressure conditions
  • The controlled flow in the heat exchanger with a constant temperature difference ensures low thermal stress on the wort.

Gentle heating


Low thermal stress on the wort

  • Low TBI values
  • Low coloration
  • Higher beer foam stability


  • Once the wort begins to boil, it is pumped up through the central riser pipe.
  • The riser pipe pulls additional wort out of the kettle due to the Venturi effect.
  • This creates a large amount of circulation in the kettle with low outlet temperatures.
  • Homogenous wort handling and high evaporation efficiency is achieved.
  • High evaporation efficiency
  • Low energy requirements
  • Effective DMS evaporation


High Wort Quality

  • Low TBI Values
  • Higher nitrogen coagulation
  • Low coloration
  • Higher stability and longer shelf life of beer

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