Sugar Solving



User-friendly and automated dissolution of sugar



  • Very versatile: can be used for candied sugar, lactose, honey, and much more
  • Dissolves sugar easily by rinsing it with wort
  • No mechanicals – low maintenance
  • Easy combination and integration with HopfenGabe station
  • Combinable with sack emptying table for large amounts of sugar


Sugar dissolving unit with sack emptying table


Our sugar dissolving systems and HopfenGaben are designed similarly. Dissolution takes place quickly and easily via wort rinsing.

The dissolving tanks can be user friendly combined with our HopfenGaben. For large systems, we also plan and supply bulk material handling equipment as well as any necessary conveyor systems for comfortable and fast loading.


Quick and Reliable Dissolution

  • Turbulent rotational flow ensures quick, complete, trouble-free dissolution.

Ideal CIP Cleaning

  • Designed for easy and fast in-line cleaning with the wort path.

Universal Applications

  • The special flow conditions in the dissolving tank enables the use of solid ingredients such as sugar as well as liquid ingredients like honey or fruit purée.

Turnkey Solutions for Filling and Automation

  • For large ingredient volumes and/or automatic operation, we supply a sack-emptying table for ergonomic and user-friendly emptying of ingredients transported in sacks.
  • We can also supply vacuum conveyor systems for emptying sacks or BigBags

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