Lautering Technology



The core of perfect lautering



  • Efficient lautering and spent grain removal
  • Optimized rake knives for efficient grain bed loosening and wort extraction
  • Fast spent grain removal
  • Robust overhead mechanicals allow for easy cleaning and minimal wear
  • Only FDA compliant materials used for bushings and seals


raking machine spent grains removal lauter tun lautering Speedcon

raking machine 

With 4 arms, 2 spent grain plows and drive system



Zone-optimized Raking Knives

  • Design and arrangement of the knives is perfectly adapted for the various grain bed layers and zones
  • A homogeneous and highly efficient extract recovery is achieved through this gentle and zone-optimized grain bed loosening

Rugged Mechanicals

  • The spent grain plow is controlled by robust height-adjustable mechanicals

Perfect Sealing

  • Rake shaft seal is located above mash level, meaning it is only needed for splashing or overfilling
  • The integrated rinsing device ensures long seal life

Energy Efficient Electric Drive

  • Meets international energy efficiency standards

Strict FDA Compliancy

  • All bushing and seal materials meet FDA standards (100% free of heavy metals) 

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