HopBack whole hops late hopping


User-friendly dosing of cone hops in the brewhouse



  • Specially designed for cone hops

  • Efficient and gentle aroma extraction

  • Flexible use in the brewhouse and along the hot-side wort path

  • Optimal transfer of essential hop oils into the wort 

  • Defined flow through hop cone layers - no dead flow zones, no bypasses

  • Efficient and accelerated aroma extraction thanks to specially designed agitator

  • Automatable including spent hop removal

  • In-line cleaning possible



Late hopping between whirlpool and wort cooler


Efficient Extraction and Solids-filtering

  • Thanks to specially designed flow control, wort flows through all hop cone layers with no dead flow zones or bypasses
  • This ensures that all hop cones are quickly, evenly, and efficiently extracted
  • An integrated sieve filters out solid particles

Easy Filling and Emptying

  • Comfortable filling via  manhole
  • Automatable filling available for large volumes
  • Manual emptying via gate valve into a rolling collection basin, or fully automatic emptying via screw pump into a silo are both possible

Targeted Extraction with Agitator

  • Specially designed agitator gently and efficiently mechanically opens hop cones to       accurately and quickly extract the hop aromas   located in the lupulin glands at the leaf bases.
  • This allows aroma extraction to be substantially independent of isomerization, making delicate and refined “late-hopping aromas” possible.

Hop savings of up to 30% possible!

Reduced Wort Loss

  • The HopBack acts as a pre-filter when late hopping with pellets, reducing wort loss in the whirpool.

Flexible Use

  • Can be used for orange peel, coriander, or other aromatic flavorings

HopBack Pro

Extraction process with specially designed agitator



Increased aroma – yield

≈ 20% more linalool after 45 minutes