HopBack Pellet pellets late hopping


Late hopping with pellets - hop aromatization between whirlpool and wort cooler



  • Huge reduction in wort losses compared to whirlpool hopping

  • Efficient aroma extraction

  • Aromatization of partial and test batches possible

  • Simply implemented to optimize brewhouse hop aroma


Integration of the HopBack Pellet can into the wort cooling line between the whirlpool and wort cooler


Complements hop additions during the boil

  • In conjunction with the HopfenGabe during the boil, hop additions in the whirlpool create a more intense hop aroma.
  • Harmoniously complements bitterness with aromatic notes.

Ideal combination with dry hopping

  • Dry hopping accentuates the most volatile hop aromas most easily perceived by scent.
  • Whirlpool hopping can create a balance between hop aroma and dry hopping.
  • This way, perception of hop aroma in the nose and mouth can be harmonized.

Reduction in wort losses

  • The increase in volume of the hop pellets added to the whirlpool account for a considerable amount of wort loss.
  • Simultaneously, the amount of hops that can be added to the whirlpool while still allowing for separation of solids is limited.
  • The HopBack Pellet solves both problems.
  • Hop trub pending wort losses can be reduced by up to 80% while maintaining maximum variability in the amount of hops used and without affecting solids-separation.
  • Wort losses can be reduced significant!

Intensive extraction

  • Aroma extraction is achieved more intensely in the HopBack Pellet than in the whirlpool thanks to optimized flow through the pellets.
  • Defined aroma recovery
  • Alpha-acids are also washed out along with the hop oils.
  • Due to the immediate cooling of the wort after   leaving the HopBack Pellet, significantly less iso-alpha-acids are created compared to whirlpool hop additions, creating delicate aromas without harsh bitterness.
  • Aroma volatiles do not evaporate due to closed system.

Flexible use

  • HopBack Pellet can also be used for orange peel, coriander, or other aromatic flavorings.
  • Complete solid particle retention
  • Because of the filtering of solid hop particles in the HopBack Pellet, no solids find their way into the wort cooler.
  • Positive impact on heat transfer as well as the   reduction in wort cooler CIP downtime
  • Wort after HopBack Pellet can can be returned to Whirlpool to achieve higher isomerization. Hop solids are retained and reduce trub load in Whirlpool.

Standard sizes

  • 10 kg (20lbs) - 100 kg (220lbs)

Filling with Hop Pellets

Hop-suspension in the intake

Filtrate flow of the aromatized wort