Hop Dosing in Brewhouse



User-friendly hop pellet and extract dosing in the brewhouse



  • Suitable for both hop pellets and hop extract
  • Pellets and extract dissolve quickly
  • Specially designed cover for fast, safe, and user-friendly filling
  • Easy external cleaning thanks to hygienic design
  • CIP cleaning integrates into brewhouse cleaning system



Easy and Safe Use

  • Single clamping nut: fast opening and closing
  • Comfortable filling thanks to low installation height
  • Maximum user safety with integrated safety circuit

Fast Dissolving

  • Special flow design dissolves pellets and extract within a few minutes

Attractive and Easy-to-Clean Design

  • HopfenGaben in glass versions offers perfect visual monitoring of the hop pellets or extract dissolution
  • Covering enables fast and easy external cleaning

Ideal CIP Cleaning

  • The construction enables fast and easy in-line cleaning with the  wort path

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