External Dry Hopping

LoopulEX- The Original

formerly known as "HopKon Pro" 

Maximum extraction efficiency and minimum beer losses during dry hopping with the External Dry Hopping System


The LoopulEX process is flexibly customizable to any size of brewery and ensures a resource-saving and economic handling of the valuable brewery raw materials - no matter whether 100 kg or 5,000 kg hops per batch.

  • Reduction of beer losses by up to 96 %
  • No hop particles beyond the system
  • Particle separation by up to 99 %
  • Complete aroma transfer under ideal conditions
  • Short process time enables easy integration in existing tank cellars
  • ROI often < 2 years


By splitting the dry hopping procedure into separate steps, the LoopulEX process allows a highly efficient, reproducible and economical solution to be integrated into any brewery.


Depending on the process requirements, a tailor-made system solution can be built with proven standard modules.

  1. Hop Pellets dispersing and initial extraction
    Creating a suspension of beer and hops is the first step of every dry hopping process and can be designed most efficiently with the HopGun Pro
  2. Aroma Transfer Booster
    For optimizing the aroma extraction, a process is used that ensures an ideal aroma transfer
  3. Hop particle separation
    The practically total separation of the hop particles and the recovery of the beer bound in the particles is achieved by well proven decanter technology


Total Aroma Transfer


The aroma booster process ensures a fast and total aroma transfer similar to the classic dynamic procedures.


The aroma transfer optimized process leads to a gradient of concentration which allows a complete, fast and reproducible aroma transfer.

  • Total aroma transfer similar to dynamic dry hopping procedures
  • Significant decrease of dry hopping process time
  • Compact installation dimensions

Particle Free


With a separation efficiency of 99 % and a spent hops dry matter content of up to 40 %, decanter technology is setting new benchmarks in the field of hop particle separation.

  • Separation efficiency up to 99 %
  • DM content in spent hop solids between 33-40 %
  • Efficient recovery of beer bound in hop particles
  • Disposal of the spent hops as bulk material possible
  • No more increased wastewater pollution with hop sludge
  • Oxygen pickup <30 ppb (complete system)

left picture: suspension after and before the decanter
right picture: separated "dry" hops


  • Reduced beer losses by up to 96 %
  • ROI periods < 2 years possible
  • Aroma transfer under ideal conditions
  • Oxygen pickup < 30 ppb
  • Separation efficiency up to 99 %
  • Easy and flexible integration in existing cellar installations
  • Hop particle-free fermenting & storage cellar


  • Fully automatable
  • Highest reproducibility
  • Short process times of < 8 h possible
  • Easy disposal of the extracted solids
  • Reduced wastewater load
  • Prefabricated skid units - short installation time
  • Reduced load on centrifuges and beer filters

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