Dry Yeast & Univeral Dosage


Safe and easy dosage of dry yeast in the cellar


  • Central dosing point for cellars
  • No need for cumbersome presentation in the tank - Ideal for outdoor tanks
  • Higher microbiological safety 
  • Homogeneous suspension preparation through turbulent vortex  
  • Low-oxygen operation - charging and dosing under sterile air atmosphere  
  • Universally applicable for dry yeast, liquid yeast, bacteria cultures  
  • Fully automatable dosage   
  • Inline CIP Cleaning 
  • Hygienic Design



Homogeneous dissolving under sterile air atmosphere

  • Addition of the dosing material under CO2 counter flow
  • Fast dissolution and homogenisation by turbulent vortex vortex in the dosage vessel
  • Fast and homogeneous dissolving for an even dosage during the entire wort cooling time

Flexibility and process reliability

  • Flexible use of the dosage for the entire cellar through integration into the cold wort way
  • Hygienic design and good sterilizability increase biological process safety
  • Universally applicable for dry yeast, liquid yeast, powders and cultures

Simple handling

  • Easy sterilization and filling for user friendly handling
  • Ideal for dosing into outdoor tanks or tanks with difficult access


  • flexible on request

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