Dry Hopping Pellet Solving

Loopulator - The Original

formerly known as "HopGun Pro" 


for fully automated dry hopping - with larger pellet quantities. 




  • Optimum infusion of essential hop oils into the finished beer
  • Increase in yield and taste stability
  • Defined increase in the hop aromas in the finished beer
  • Quick and gentle dissolving of hop pellets in cold beer
  • Reduction in contact time
  • Freely selectable hop dosing time and duration
  • No CO2 losses in green beer
  • Special agitator protects the yeast
  • Fully automatable process and cleaning, cleaning possible with external CIP system
  • Dosing during transfer possible
  • Can be retrofi tted at any time
  • Reliable application


Flexible Integration of Loopulator in cellar


  • Loopulator is flexible to use, with the hop quantity, the hop dosing time andduration being freely selectable. Control of all process steps and CIP cleaning can befully automated.
  • Thanks to shorted dissolution times of the pellets, the Loopulator is perfectly suited for cold hopping during tank transfer. The hop suspension can be dosed inline,for example, on the way from the fermentation cellar to the green beer cellar.


  • 50 - 1.000 kg / 100 - 2.000 lbs

Filling with pellets via manway

Pellet solving in beer

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