Aroma Extraction



Simple aroma extraction of spices and other herbal aromatics



  • Efficient and controlled extraction of aromas
  • Works great for aromatics such as:
    Coriander, Orange peel, Coffee, Spices and much more
  • User-friendly filling
  • Solids Filtering: no solids in wort or wort cooler
  • Simple and automatable spent solids removal
  • Easy CIP cleaning with the wort path


spice extraction wit beer brewing coriander orange peel


is designed for specialty beers such as Belgian Wit beers that are brewed with natural aromatics like spices and herbs.


Efficient Extraction and Solids Retention

  • Aromatics are held in suspension with specialized flow design, enabling fast and efficient extraction.
  • Solids are filtered out of the wort by the integrated filter unit.
  • Solids can be automatically emptied following extraction.

Easy and Safe Use

  • Single clamping enables fast opening and closing
  • Comfortable filling thanks to low installation height
  • Maximum user safety with integrated safety circuit

Attractive and Easy-to-Clean Design

  • Attractive glass versions offer perfect visual monitoring of extraction and discharging
  • The covering enables fast and easy external cleaning

Ideal CIP Cleaning

  • The construction allows for fast and easy in-line cleaning with the wort path


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