AlloySius premasher



High-performance pre-mashing system 



  • Increases brewhouse yield
  • Shortens mashing time and lowers the iodine index
  • Decreases lautering time by protecting husks
  • Reduces energy needed for stirring
  • High grist flow rate and thorough mixing without plugging the Venturi nozzle



Increase Yield

  • Improves enzyme activity by homogeneously mixing grist and water
  • Increases in yield of 0.5 to 1.5% are possible

Shorten Lautering Times

  • Increases husk elasticity by evenly moistening them
  • This protects the husks, allowing for higher filter bed permeability while lautering
  • Decreases lautering time by 5 to 30 minutes

Save Energy

  • Mash is already thoroughly mixed after mashing in: much less agitation required
  • Mashing in thicker using hot water reduces primary energy input
  • Additional Thermal Energy Savings
  • Thicker mashes make the additional use of hot water possible
  • For heating, hot water can be used instead of primary energy

Mash-in from Below

  • Homogenous mashes can be pumped into the mash kettle from below
  • Adjustable Water Nozzle
  • Perfectly customize any mash-in process by adjusting the ring nozzle
  • With sizes DN200 and larger, adjustments can be made with external set screws

 Standard Sizes

  •  Standard sight glass-versions handle throughputs from a few hundred kilograms to 70 tons per hour
  •  Custom versions with larger throughputs are also available