Sugar Dosing

Milkstout, Belgian Dubbel, Tripel and Quadruppel are typical beers with added sugar.

 Solutions for the addition of sugar from simple manual dosing to fully automatic sugar dissolving stations with bag emptying table or super sack integration.

Sugar dosing station in Brewhouse  

  • Dissolving stations with rinsing tanks for manual filling of sacked goods
  • Can be combined with hop dosing systems
  • Universal dissolving and dosing stations with special agitators for dissolving and dispersing
  • Sack emptying tables and integration of super sack stations

Projects Sugar-Dosing

Sugar solving Station for 800 kg / 1.600 lbs for feeding sacked goods on an operating platform

Dissolving tank as rinsing vessel

Sack emptying table for operator-friendly operation

Allagash Brewing Company

Portland / Maine USA

Sack emptying table for operator-friendly operation

Universal dissolving & dosing station
with agitator for
sugar, lactose, fruit puree

Fat Heads Brewing

Middleburg Heights / Ohio USA

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