Pellet - Late Hopping

Late-Hopping with pellets - In and after the whirlpool - With and without particle retention

  • Hop donations
    • Dissolving stations with flexible integration into whirlpool and wort kettle
  • Late-Hopping with pellets after the whirlpool
    • with solids retention
    • up to 200 kg
    • Extraction process and time decoupled from the whirlpool - Control of post-isomerisation
    • Also with pre-cooling to control the bitterness
  • Disposal solutions for washed out hop trub
    manual and fully automatic

Hop donation with flexible integration

Late Hopping for pellets with partial wort pre cooling

Projekte Late Hopping with Pellets

Hop Dosing

Stiegl Brauerei



Retrofitting hop dosages for special varieties
(3x 60 kg) with flexible integration in wort kettle and whirlpool

HopBack Pellet

Octopi Brewing  -  USA

Retrofit HopBack Pellet 60 kg

Relief whirlpool work for very strongly hop-emphasized beers

Hofmühl Brauerei - Germany

Retrofit HopBack Pellet 10 kg

Optimizing of hop aroma

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