Hops & Aroma

Instruments for grand hop symphonies. Great hop aromas are usually based on a precise sequence of several hop donations in the brewhouse and in the cellar. This is the case for traditional beers like Pils as well as Pale Ales and IPA's.

For hop notes with good drinkability and best stability you will find the necessary instruments here.

Overview Process Solutions

hop dosing dry hopping late hopping external dry hopping solid free dry hopping HopGun Hop Gun Pro spice extractor HopBack Pellet hop strainer wood aging

Hops in Brewhouse & Cellar

Hop dosages   |   Late hopping   |   Dry hopping   |   Exernal Dry Hopping   |   Hop Separation   |   Aroma Extraction

Brewhouse & Whirlpool

  • Hop dosages for pellets and extract
  • Late-Hopping after the whirlpool with retention of the solids
    • pellets
    • cone hops
    • Spices & Herbs
    • Coffee & Tea

Dry Hopping

  • Manual Dry Hopping
  • Custom solutions for dry hopping & aroma extraction
    • Hop cones
    • Wood Chips
    • Spices & Herbs
    • Coffee & Tea
  • Dosage of pellets for large quantities
    up to 1.000 kg / 2.000 lbs and more

Highly Efficient Dry Hopping Solutions

  • External hop aroma extraction with particle retention up to 5,000 kg
    • Significantly smaller beer losses
    • Efficient hop aroma extraction
    • External extraction of hop pellets with particle separation - no hop sludge in the CCT
    • Short ROI

Opimal Separation Of Hops And Beer

  • Reduction of beer losses through optimal separation of beer and hop solids
  • Less load on centrifuges and beer filters
  • Control of the extraction time (aroma profile) possible

Integration And Infrastructure

  • Integration and automation in brewhouse and cellar
  • Logistics solutions for filling with pellets and disposal of the hop trub

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