Food & Beverage

We realize plants for liquid food and beverages for milk & dairy products, mineral water & AFB, oils & fats and flavorings.

Also for the handling of powders and bulk goods, such as sugar, lactose, protein powder, salts, cereals, malt and cereals.

We are familiar with different hygiene standards.

For new processes, we implement your specifications from the laboratory on an industrial scale. Together with you, we gain safety for new processes in our pilot plant station.

We supply process solutions as frame units pre-assembled and tested, complete with MSR technology and interface to your control system.

Site installations are thus reduced to a minimum.

Liquid products

  • Process and storage tanks for liquid products
  • Hygienic piping
  • Dosage systems
  • IBC container stations
  • Filtration
  • Sterile Technology
  • CIP and SIP technology

Mixing & Dissolving

  • Dissolving and stirring tanks
  • Single and multi-stage agitators
  • Dispersing agitators
  • Transfer systems
  • Feeding tables for bagged goods
  • Dosing Technology
  • Filling systems

Aroma extraction


  • Extraction of natural aromas with plants for solid-liquid extraction for
    • Tea & coffee
    • citrus peels
    • Spices & Herbs
  • Development and optimization of customer-specific extraction processes in pilot plant

Heating & Cooling

  • Process and storage tanks with
    • Hygienic heating and cooling surfaces
    • External heat exchangers
    • Temperature control
  • Hygienic heat exchangers in different designs

Powder & bulk material

  • Silo technology (with weighing)
  • Conveying systems
  • BigBag Handling
  • Emptying tables for bagged goods
  • Comminution and grinding technology

Mashing In


  • Premashing systems
    for batch and continuous production
  • Conveying systems for grist
  • Milling Technology


  • Mash Agitators
  • Mash Tuns


  • Raking and spent grain discharge systems
  • False bottoms
  • Lautertuns

Energy Saving

  • Consumption analyses for thermal energy (heat sources and heat sinks)
  • Energy storage tank (energy swing) for energy recovery in thermal networks
  • Optimization concepts for thermal energy

Projects Food & Beverage Industry

Food Industry

  • Optimization of mixing containers for cereal bar production
  • Expansion planning for muesli bar production
  • Planning of IBC container handling and sacked goods unloading stations


  • Process optimization in butter production (acceleration of heating and cooling in the cream ripener)
  • Planning and construction of a butter filling nozzle for carton filling

Spirits      Whisky | Gin | Grain Brandy

  • Mashing In system for rye malt (Gin production)
  • Continuous mashing in system for continuous mashing (whisky production)

Mineral Water

  • Optimization of the hygienic design of a water network with pressure reduction stations (from the mountain spring to the filling station)

Agitator optimization for sugar-cocoa solutions for the production of cereals

Reduction of product losses with project ROI of 3 months

Optimization of heating and cooling systems for cream treatment.
Increase in production capacity by accelerating the heating and cooling processes.
Acquisition of an additional tank could be saved.

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