Fermentation- And Storage Cellar

Overview Process Solutions


  •  Planning and execution of
    • Capacity expansions
    • Piping
    • Panels & valve clusters
  • Automation and partial automation of manual cellars
  • Optimization of CO2 management (foam trap)

Integration Dry Hopping Systeme

  • Integration of Dry Hopping - Systems
  • Dosage and homogenisation of hops
    • Integration in cellar piping (Dosage & CIP)
    • Homogenisation of hops in the CCT
  • Reduction of beer losses
  • Solutions for CCT´s from 5 to 5.000 hl

Integration of cellar systems

  • Water degassing plants
  • Carbonizations & Carbon blender
  • Dosage systems for stabilization and filtration
  • Particle (trap) filter


  • Dosage of dry yeast
  • Vitalization of harvest yeast

Reference - Projects Cellar expansion

Cellar expansion - Jopen

Expansion: 4 outdoor tanks with





User-friendly pipe fence 

Entry panel and foam catcher with automatic CIP

   Outdoor - Tanks

Dry Yeast Dosing Station

Dry Hopping Loop

Disolving and Dosing System for Pellets

Projects - Piping Filter Cellar And Stabilizer Dosage



Continuous tabilizer dosage for pall PROFI membrane filter


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