Process Solutions For Breweries

BANKE brewing process brew house fermentation dry hopping late hopping spice extraction wort boiling mashing hop dosing yeast vitalisation dry yeast dosing HopSteiner HopGun AlloySius GentleMix HopBack HopBack Pellet sugar dosing Pfaduko vapor condenser

Brewing - Perfection For Brew House And Cellar

Modernization & Optimization

  • Enhancing yields in brew house and cellar
  • Faster production cycle
  • Increasing process capacities
  • Savings of energy and waste water
  • Increasing brew house and cellar production capacities

Hop-Technology, Aroma Extraction & Customized Solutions

  • Late-Hopping and Dry-Hopping
  • manual und fully automized solutions
  • Extraction of natural aromas
  • Automation of manual processes

Planning & Engineering

  • Planning of extentions and modernizations
  • From cost estimation to detailed tender
  • Realization of new processes from the laboratory to production scale

Repairs & Trouble Shooting

  • Cost efficient repairs of plants and components
  • Localizing of problems in the process and development of solutions



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