Bio Technology & Ethanol

With our know-how in process engineering, mechanical engineering, energy industry, brewing and food technology we realize projects in the Bio-Technology and Ethanol industry.

We implement your specifications from the laboratory on an industrial scale. Together with you, we will gain safety for new processes in our pilot plant station.

Our pre-mashers are designed for continuous processes in the
Ethanol and starch industry in use.

We supply process solutions as frame units pre-assembled and tested, complete with MCR technology and interface to your control system.
Site installation is thus reduced to a minimum.

Solid-liquid mixing

  • Mixing systems for solids with liquids
    (250 kg/h to 200 tons/h solids throughput)
    • Maintenance-free static mixer
    • Batch processes
    • Continuous processes
    • Integration in plant

Liquid products

  • Process and storage tanks for liquid products
  • Hygienic piping
  • Dosage systems
  • IBC container stations
  • Filtration
  • Sterile Technology
  • CIP and SIP technology

Heating & Cooling

  • Process and storage tanks with
    • Heating and cooling surfaces on the vessel
    • Hygienic heating and cooling surfaces in the tank
    • External heat exchanger
  • Planning & implementation of energy networks
    • Steam & high pressure hot water
    • Glycol & Ice water

Continuous mixing plant with pump
for starch products and water (150 t/h)

Powder & bulk material

  • Silo technology with and without metering and weighing
  • Conveying systems for powder and bulk material
  • Handling of BigBags
  • Feeding tables for bagged goods
  • Milling and grinding technology

Energy Saving

  • Consumption analyses for thermal energy
    (heat sources and heat sinks)
  • Heat storage tank (energy swing) for energy recovery in thermal grids
  • Optimization concepts for thermal energy

Projects Bio Technology

  • Planning and construction of an industrial-scale plant for enzyme production and dosage according to laboratory specifications
  • Planning and construction of a tank farm for enzymes
  • Construction of a filtration system according to laboratory specifications

Planning and realization of an enzyme production plant with tank farm
for the production of ethanol - process equipment with switch cabinet premounted on skid

Planning and realisation of skid unit for depth filtration

for sub-processes for the production of ethanol

Projects Ethanol

  • Continuous mixing plant of starch carriers (corn) and water for bioethanol production
  • Continuous mixing plant for mixing of rice waste (rice bran) for ethanol production

 Planning and realization of mixing station for starch products

 for the production of ethanol.

 With system test in the pilot plant


Mixing station of starch products continuous for the production of ethanol

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