Synergies through strong partnerships

BrauKon GmbH

from left to right: Christian Nuber, Klaus Rauchenecker, Friedrich Banke, Christian Kull, Markus Lohner (2017)
from left to right: Christian Nuber, Klaus Rauchenecker, Friedrich Banke, Christian Kull, Markus Lohner (2017)


For our customers, a partnership with BrauKon GmbH results in synergies for production, assembly, automation and commissioning, as well as competent service. So since 2005 numerous projects were successfully executed in this cooperation.

The partnership cooperation is based on the 15 years of Friedrich Banke's activity as partner and responsible for research and development in the period from 2005 to August 2020, which resulted in many technologies in the field of brewhouse and hops, such as BrauMill, AlloySius, GentleMix, SmartBoil, VitaSius, HopBack Pro, HopBack Pellet HopGun, HopGun Pro and HopSteiner. 


Sudhaus Technik Essen GmbH

Seit 2015 besteht zwischen der Sudhaus Technik Essen GmbH und BANKE process solutions eine Kooperation mit dem Ziel sich gegenseitig mit optimalen Technologien und Erfahrung zu ergänzen.
Franz Schröer († 2017), Friedrich Banke, Rolf Lambeck († 2018)


Until 2018 there was a cooperation between Sudhaus Technik Essen GmbH (STE GmbH) and BANKE process solutions GmbH with the aim to make the technologies of STE GmbH durably available.
Within the scope of the cooperation, knowledge transfer to BANKE process solutions GmbH took place in joint projects. As a basis for a long-term service of STE GmbH customers the archive with project and customer data was also handed over.
Franz Schröer and Rolf Lambeck also determined the technology of BTE - Brautechnik Essen GmbH for many years. The technologies, such as external mash boiling, vapour recompressor systems, external boiler wort boiling or thermoreactor vessels for increasing brewing capacity are used by renowned breweries worldwide.
This experience of more than 50 years now completes the portfolio of BANKE process solutions GmbH.

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