banke - Your. Process. Solution.

  • Founded 2006
  • Experienced Team of engineers and technicians
  • Decades of experience in the brewing and food industry
  • Extensive research & development in cooperation with well-known institutes and universities
  • Strong network of partner companies and specialists
  • Based in Bavaria - close to Weihenstephan

For you specific requirements we develop the appropriate solution.


Therefore we use not only our proven standard technologies but also check individually how we can find the best and most cost efficient solution for your application and your budget.

Passion for beer is our motivation behind the development of innovative solutions.


Our service spectrum ranges from the perfection of specialized craft beer techniques to the modernization and process optimization of industrial breweries.


Hop technology is our special focus.

Our technologies are based on continous, long-term research.

BANKE process solutions works together with various institutes and universities.

For this research we use our own pilot system and also contacts to local breweries.

For more intensive investigations and analytics, we benefit from the proximity to the Technical University Munich - Weihenstephan.

A lot of research is also based on many years of cooperation with well-know hop suppliers.

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