Process Solutions

for the brewing, beverage, food and biotechnology industries

Passion for process engineering processes,
own research and attention to detail!

Optimization and modernization of brewing processes and hop technologies are our main focus in breweries.

With our know-how in process engineering, mechanical engineering, energy industry, brewing and food technology, we have been regularly implementing projects in the beverage, spirits and food industry as well as in the bio-technology and bio-ethanol industry for years.

Our Process Solutions


Brew House




Fermentation- and Lagering Cellar



Brewing - Perfection for Brew House and Cellar

 Modernization & Optimization

  • Enhancing yields in brew house and cellar
  • Faster production cycle
  • Increasing process capacities
  • Savings of energy and waste water


  • Increasing brew house and cellar production capacities

Hop-Technology, natural aromas and customized solutions

  • Late-Hopping and Dry-Hopping - manual und fully automized -
  • Extraction of natural aromas
  • Automation of manual processes

Planning - Engineering

  • Planning of extentions and modernizations from cost estimation to detailed tender

Repairs & Trouble shooting

  • Cost efficient repairs of plants and components
  • Localizing of problems in the brewing process and development of appropriate solutions

Our Technologies